In keeping with its artistic and historical value, La Baronessa is the location of many initiatives linked to art and to its different forms of expression. There are numerous exhibitions of local painting and artisanship, giving space to many emerging artists. Guests can also easily run across a music concert in the characteristic garden or under the portico, or the presentation of a book, thus immersing themselves in an atmosphere of local art and culture, making their stay in one of the oldest buildings in the town of Riposto a unique experience.

In the area



To honour the feast of S.Pietro, in Riposto on 29 June, there is an attractive procession of the Saint’s statue on a fishing boat, escorted by boats and other fishing boats all the way to the Torre Archirafi pier.

The festival of cherries and roses is held in Macchia di Giarre in June, including a parade of folklore groups and Sicilian carts.

To mark the feast of S.Giovanni, a rather characteristic pantomime is organised on 24th June in Acitrezza, named “U pisci a mari” in the local dialect. It consists of a pursuit of a man disguised as a fish, which tries to escape capture between the Cyclopean cliffs.

The Patron Saint Alfio is feasted on 10th May in Trecastagni, with the charming procession of penitents who arrive barefoot walking for many kilometres to the Church of S.Alfio, to express their devotion. The little market with stalls and barrows full of fresh garlic, and a classical music concert in the piazza are the backdrop to the procession.



To tie in with Holy week and Easter, the Catania province organises a series of events of great cultural and folklore interest.

On holy Saturday in Adrano, visitors can go to see “la Diavolata” a play of a religious character dating 1728.

Caltagirone, well known for its artisan ceramics, also celebrates Holy Week with religious processions and typical shows/spectacles. From April to May in Caltagirone you will also find the International Exhibition of terracotta whistles with over 300 specimens from all over the world and the ” Scala Infiorata”, a monumental stairway of S.Maria del Monte.

Instead, to celebrate Easter Monday, Palagonia organises a procession in honour of S.Febronia, with the celebrated “Pine cone splitting”, an event propitiating the country folk tradition.



Acireale, a jewel of Sicilian Baroque, organises every year Sicily’s most attractive Carnival. With allegorical carriages, music in the streets and piazzas, and people donning masks.



In Catania, this feast is the religious event the Catanese feel closest to. They follow the procession, transporting the statue of the city’s protective Saint. The feast takes place from 3 to 5 February. The “pagan aspect” is combined with the religious aspect: as a backdrop to the festival , we find the highly coloured stalls and barrows smelling of torroni and typical sweets; sellers of “calia e semenza” (roasted chick peas and pumpkin seeds); the shops of the votive candle sellers, in Piazza S.Placido behind the Cathedral. Do not miss the fantastic fireworks display.